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Fred Moten – Keynote Speaker presented in Douglass’ Early Life Exhibition space

What a surprise! Fred Moten, Professor of English at the University of California,Riverside, gave a lecture this evening from 5 – 6pm in the gallery. I learned about it just by chance as I gave my last lecture at what I thought was the close of my exhibition. I am glad I did. He was the final keynote speaker for the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900.  This conference is in its 43rd year, and has become an international event. We met one presenter from London, another from Rhode Island University and others.

Moten mentioned to me about writing some years back about Frederick Douglass, and specifically about the image behind him on the right entitled, Esther’s Curse – Beauty.  It is nice when my viewers recognize the account I am portraying and have a similar vision of what occurred. After listening to his lecture on “Black Poetics “, I think I will revisit poetry looking for ‘taste and flavor ‘.Mark & Fred Moten - Version 2

Mt. St. Joseph Univ. Fine Arts Students & Other Distinguished Guests

Today on the last day of the exhibition,  Mt. St. Joseph University
Fine Arts Chair Loyola Walter brought fine art students to the
University of Louisville Belknap and Cressman Galleries.
Mark gave gallery talks to a captive audience as he spoke passionately
about the life of freedom seekers.
2015-02-28 01.21.34Priest gives lecture to an attentive group which  includes Mt.St. Joseph University  Fine Arts Chair & U of L Dean of Arts and Sciences
2015-02-28 01.20.06

Artists Mary Newton and Guenivere Smith pose with Priest



Mark Priest explaining Douglass' occupation as a Ship Caulker to exhibition visitors

Visitors Cheri Bryant Hamilton and Mt. St. Joseph University art student listen as Priest explains Douglass’ occupation as a Ship Caulker




Christina Clifford Collegiate Art teacher & Mark Priest at the Cressman

Christina Clifford Collegiate Art teacher & Mark Priest at the Cressman

African-American Mixer and Black Family Conference

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Despite the cold they had a nice turnout for the reception. The Balck Family Conference and African-American Mixer utilized the Cressman Gallery Exhibition as a venue for their opening event.