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Harriet Tubman Visitor Center is Open!

What an incredible event!!! What a wonderful center!!!

Priest standing by  his work in the Tubman Series entitled, “The Auction”










Priest standing in front of images of “December 1854 Flight to Freedom “ print and “Escape from Poplar Neck” 

Priest viewing one of 7 images created by the artist on permanent display.

artwork: “Bucktown Store Skirmish”










Priest looking at one of his images entitled, “The Auction”, that has been put on permanent display at the center

















Priest standing by one of his images entitled, “Timber Crew”

















Priest standing in front artwork entitled, “Escape From Poplar Neck”










Mark Priest being interviewed by media at the Tubman Visitor Center Opening








Priest views exhibit. Priest work is seen in the background. Please visit the center it is well worth the trip!!

Mt. St. Joseph Univ. Fine Arts Students & Other Distinguished Guests

Today on the last day of the exhibition,  Mt. St. Joseph University
Fine Arts Chair Loyola Walter brought fine art students to the
University of Louisville Belknap and Cressman Galleries.
Mark gave gallery talks to a captive audience as he spoke passionately
about the life of freedom seekers.
2015-02-28 01.21.34Priest gives lecture to an attentive group which  includes Mt.St. Joseph University  Fine Arts Chair & U of L Dean of Arts and Sciences
2015-02-28 01.20.06

Artists Mary Newton and Guenivere Smith pose with Priest



Mark Priest explaining Douglass' occupation as a Ship Caulker to exhibition visitors

Visitors Cheri Bryant Hamilton and Mt. St. Joseph University art student listen as Priest explains Douglass’ occupation as a Ship Caulker




Christina Clifford Collegiate Art teacher & Mark Priest at the Cressman

Christina Clifford Collegiate Art teacher & Mark Priest at the Cressman